Barn PIVO available for horse videos

Holly purchased a PIVO device for the barn to use. It is basically a tripod which synchronizes with your phone to capture video of your ride. Unlike regular tripods, the PIVO attempts to follow your horse and zoom in/out automatically. Cool!

The PIVO lives in a black soft case, normally stored in the box on the stage. If it is not there, you may find it in the barn, charging.

To get started, download the PIVO APP from the Google Play or Apple store. Turn on the PIVO by pressing the button on it. Then open your PIVO APP on your phone. You will be prompted to create an account. You might be able to cancel out of the account part. Next, your app will ask you to sync with a PIVO device. Follow the prompts.

Cera has drafted these instructions for getting your phone to work best with PIVO.

Pivo instructions for horse videos (PDF)