Schooling show blues


“A, enter working trot”

This is it big guy!

Turn… Turn! Turn! Crap.  And so it starts…

Steer straight at the judge, maybe his butt will hide A.

Time to stop. Or trip. Ok we stopped. Great!

No it isn’t treat time!

Trot! Nice corner.. Circle…. Circle… Bend.. Cmon buddy please put your head down. Fine. Don’t. I’ll make a nice circle anyways.

Or a D shape.

Ok canter coming up.  Forward! Forward!

Good corner… Rock back, we can do this.


Too big a circle! Turn !


Don’t you dare trot. Keep cantering!

Made it. Time to trot.



Yeah., thats me, almost falling off my horse at a dressage show.

So much for that corner.  Hi judge!

Right, we should be walking.

Not slogging. Move your butt!

Free walk!  We are good at free walk!

Head down.. Keep walking.. Forward!

Ok reins time. Outside rein first. Got it. Now inside… Fumble the whip. Through the corner. Whip gone. Almost got the rein.. Close enough!

Good corner.

Getting quick….

Half halt buddy.  Half HALT!

Time to circle.. Inside leg. I didn’t say canter! What the heck, Horse? Half halt

Half halt.

Half halts not working.  Fastest circle ever.

Motorbiked that corner.  Half halt?

Time to canter.  Nice launch into canter!

Can we make the circle? Yes! Was it the ugliest circle ever? Yes!

Long side… now we are galloping.  Oh god, the fence is coming up.

Down transition… please? Trot. Whoa. Trot.  CORNER!  Ack!

Centerline… centerline, going too fast

And THAT was a 16 meter turn onto centerline.

Oh, NOW you are going to spook at the judge’s stand?

45° halts are the height of fashion now a days.

Smile at the judge.  Hopefully she thinks my horse is cute.


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