Virtual Working Equitation Series Part 3-Dressage Week


Date(s) - 03/15/2021 - 03/21/2021
All Day


This is Dressage Week of the 3rd, and final event in the series.

The 3 month series is organized by the New England Working Eq club, NEWE, and will be officiated by USAWE judge Stephanie Hayes. For February and March they offer a week to submit a video of a WE Dressage test of choice, followed by another week to submit video of an obstacle course of the same level which they send out a map for us to set up and ride through. Its a great way to gear up and practice putting tests and courses together, and get educated feedback! We will be working with our partnering farms to have access to their indoor facilities for these events.

Since we have a week to tape and submit each video, we are taking our time to get ample practice each week before filming for submission, and so we can be flexible about when. Even if you are not interested in submitting or riding through a full dressage test or obstacle course, this is a great opportunity to get your horse off farm and do something a little different with them, or just go along to ride indoors if the weather is not great!

Email about more information, or check out this page.

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