Forward? What the heck does that mean?

(Amira again)  Last week, I found myself wondering what the heck Forward is.  Like so many horse concepts, it isn’t simple.

The conversation went like this…

Is it when the horse goes faster?  Not always

Is it going slower, aka “trotting in place”?   Maybe, if the horse isn’t starting to crash.

Is it that stage right before the horse changes to a faster gait?  Eh….

This is forward  —  (the horse appears to be trotting)

This is not forward – (the horse appears to be trotting)

I hope you are laughing at my pain <grin>.  There really was a good conversation, but a lot went over my head.   I think I’ve got a better grasp as a result, but still a long way to go!

I wanted to share this detailed article about Forward, which might help us prepare for that conversation in the future.

Dressage Today: Charles de Kunffy Explains the Meaning of “Forward”

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