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My new favorite exercise – training level dressage

Amira here again!  (Your technical computer geek and adult amateur (very amateur) horse rider!)

I’m super excited about this exercise and wanted to share it with you.   When I do this counter-flex work with Gideon, he gradually becomes more and more supple, and even gets rounder, as we go around the figure-eight.  And it is relatively easy to try at a walk.  Considering that we are trying to move from intro level dressage to training level, it must be an easy, straightforward exercise <grin>

Pre-requisite skills?

  • Using leg aid at the girth (for bend)  vs a leg aid closer to the shoulder (for a shoulder yield)
  • Re-balancing / half-halts
  • Turning while counter-flexed

counter flex exercise training level dressage exercise holly linz

Really basic tips (please read the article below for expert instruction):

As you ride this, remember that your horse is giving you their balance.  Don’t abuse their trust.   To reward them, let them straighten out of the circle in the direction of bend (toward the outside of the circle).  When you are just starting, try a few steps of counter flex and reward quickly.

Here is the full article with credit to Corinne and Holly Linz.  (We know famous people!! )

Dressage Today Magazine

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