Coronavirus update April 1

Hello Everyone,

Dropping in with an update regarding our farms position on operating within new security measures being taken with the Covid 19 situation.  Being considered essential business due to the nature of our agricultural element, we will remain operational. We have plenty of staff living on farm to keep operations well under control. We have been in touch with all our suppliers and have confirmed they are also deemed essential ag businesses and will remain in operation, so no immediate fear for vital supplies or services that impact our operations.

As of March 30, the state of MD issued an updated stay at home order on all non essential activities in the state of MD. In attempt to stay current with the situation, we plan to limit all non essential activates on the farm for the duration of the states executive order. While our care of your horses is still listed technically and deemed an essential activity, we should limit travel to and from and activities within the farm as much as we can, for essential needs only. This is a very challenging time, and we know how important it may be for you to see your horse for certain things. We also must also ask everyone to act within current state orders and necessary protocols, for everyones sake.

We expect all boarders to adhere to the following protocol outlined in the recent state executive orders, if you must come out for essential activity necessary for your horses well being. If you have any questions about visiting or have a need you wish us to help you with we are as always, more than willing to! Please email or call me and we will get it sorted out and taken care of.

  • We are now officially asking everyone to restrict riding to essential exercise only and within the property only, and no group rides of more than 2 horse and riders.
  • If you or anyone you have been in direct contact with have been ill in the past 6 days please do not come to the barn for another 14 days. The virus may not come with the same symptoms to all and we are all potential carriers even without common symptoms.
  • Use approved sanitizer, or wash your hands in the feedroom upon arrival at the barn. We will keep soap stocked at the sink. Please wear your riding gloves (to help keep from touching your face) for the entirety of your visit. Take them off just before leaving, then wash your hands in the feedroom immediately before leaving or use sanitizer. Do not touch anything on your way out to your vehicle. Feedroom mandoors will remain open so no need to touch them.
  • Do not touch anyone else’s horses, tack or equipment. Including items in the feedroom. If you need something please reach out and let me know!
  • Limit to 4 people in the main or lower barns at any given time. Plenty of outdoor spaces to groom and tack. Please maintain a 6 foot physical distance from others while on the property.
  • If you wish to avoid the common areas you are welcome to keep equipment in your vehicle and use the outside tie spaces for grooming and tacking. There are several in the upper and lower barn available, just ask if you are not sure where to be!
  • Essential doors to remain open to allow airflow and no need for physical contact with them.
  • Disinfectant sprays bottles will be stationed near the washrack and in feedroom to spray anything communal you may need to touch, such as crossties, aisle cleaning equipment near shavings room, and the feedroom wash basin. Barn staff will spray these areas regularly, but you may also use them to sanitize anything you wish. It is safe for skin and fabric, but it may slightly discolor fabrics.
  • Please be extra vigilant about your personal safety and of others around you regarding your activities with your horse. While we always strive to stay safe, in this time of crisis be particularly mindful about the additional risk involved in needing to visit an ER or doctors office, and the additional strain that would put on facilities and resources right now struggling to handle the virus.

These are the measures we rely on as of this moment to act as safely as possible. and in accordance with current law. Of course, the situation is ever evolving, and as we learn more about the virus we may update our protocols to remain fluid with requirements and new methods of controlling it.

We cannot thank you all enough for the care, diligence, and understanding you have demonstrated so far, and for committing to help us continue to operate within required, necessary protocol. Our farm has an amazing community within, and we will get through this in due time.

Thinking of you all in this time of stress. Be safe, be kind, be careful!

New Bridge!

Also wanted to let everyone know we have the bridge at the base of the farm set and ready for traffic!!

Please take some time to lead and ride your horse over it and help them get accustomed to it before it’s the primary source of getting in and out of the base of the farm.

Within a week or so we may reset the fence line for the boys on that hill so they can come down to the cistern, and the bridge will be the only way through the area then.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, happy to help anyone who is uncertain about crossing it! 

Keep Stables Logo Wear

Rolling out the Spring KeepStables wear!

We have several options now available for Spring wear items with The KeepStables Logos.Selecting items in a Triblend fabric for soft cotton feel, yet with stretch and keeps shape/size.

Items available include a loose fitting, light weight full zip hoodie, a V neck sweater with a very soft fabric for dressier occasions, a simple sweatshirt that sheds hair and hay well, V and scoop neck T shirts, and a nice basic Polo. We can get all of these items in Burgundy, Black, or cream. The barn colors! And drop the standard or Working Eq logo on them, whichever you like. If you would like an item shoot us an email with which item, color, size and Logo you would like and I can let you know prices.Can also provide saddle pads, if you would like. 

 Our new embroiderer will also put our logos on most anything we could want, so if you already have saddle pads or attire you would like the logo put on please email me for details on how!